Paneer Popcorn

Paneer Popcorn

Paneer Popcorn

Paneer Popcorn, also known as Paneer Nuggets, is a delectable dish made by mixing paneer with spices and herbs, coating it in breadcrumbs, and frying it to create a delicious snack. These bite-sized treats are packed with flavour, boasting a crunchy exterior and a soft, melting interior.

This is an incredibly simple snack to whip up at home, hassle-free. It’s the perfect versatile appetizer for your next gathering or party. The recipe is mildly spiced, but you can certainly amp up the spice levels. For that essential crunch, breadcrumbs are used, but alternatives like crushed oats, cornflakes, crumbled Weetabix, or even rice flakes work just as well.

Paneer is an ingredient that holds a special place in the heart of every Indian. Whether it’s served as a rich curry like paneer makhani, or as a tasty snack like paneer pakora or paneer tikka, paneer dishes are a staple in our dinner menus. For those seeking new paneer snacks for a mid-week treat, we have the perfect option! Paneer is an excellent protein source, especially for vegetarians who don’t consume meat. Rich in protein, it aids in muscle repair and provides sustained energy release, making it suitable for weight management. It also contributes to stronger bones and teeth.

Paneer popcorn is a vegetarian twist on the classic chicken popcorn. Making paneer popcorn requires minimal preparation; simply season the paneer, dip it in batter, and fry. This recipe yields a snack that’s both succulent and crispy, ideal for any occasion.

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250 gm paneer (1cm cubes)

Paneer Coating
1 teaspoon turmeric powder
2 teaspoons cumin powder
2 teaspoons red chilli powder
Salt to taste

For the Batter
1 cup plain flour
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon red chilli powder
1 cup cold water

Other Ingredients
1 cup breadcrumbs
Oil for deep frying



In a bowl, mix turmeric powder, cumin powder, red chilli powder and salt. Add the paneer cubes and toss to evenly coat the paneer pieces with the spices.


Whisk together plain flour, salt, red chilli powder and cold water to form a smooth thick consistency batter.


Heat oil for frying. To check if the oil is ready for frying drop a small amount of batter in the oil. If it comes steadily and quickly on the surface, then that means the oil is at the right temperature to fry.

Once the oil is ready to fry, dip each spiced paneer cube in the batter and coat it well.

Roll the battered paneer cubes in the breadcrumbs to evenly coat it. The breadcrumbs should cling to the paneer cubes. Repeat with remaining paneer pieces.


Carefully lower each paneer cube into the hot oil and deep-fry until crisp and golden, about 2 – 3 minutes. Remove with a slotted spoon and place on a piece of kitchen towel to drain.

Serve hot with your choice of chutney or sauce!

Tips & Variations

  1. You can substitute paprika powder in place of red chilli powder.
  2. The oil for frying needs to be the right temperature. If the oil is too hot, then the paneer will become golden brown from outside quickly but will be raw from inside. At the same time if the oil is cold the paneer will absorb too much of oil while frying.
  3. While making batter instead of using water you can use beer, sparkling water, or soda.
  4. You can replace breadcrumbs with grinded cornflakes or even leave out the breadcrumbs all together.
  5. Make the batter to a thick and flowing consistency. If the batter is thin and runny then it will not coat evenly around the paneer and will absorb more oil making the paneer pakora soggy with oil.
  6. Add water to the batter in small batches to form a thick consistency.
  7. Paneer can be long batons instead of diced cubes.
  8. You can sprinkle some chaat masala before serving.
  9. For an extra layer of crunchy texture, add 2 tablespoons of shredded parmesan cheese to the bread mixture. The cheese will become crisp when cooked.
  10. If you like spicy then add some extra chilli powder or sriracha sauce while coating the paneer.
  11. If you want to bake the paneer popcorn, then preheat the oven for 180C/375˚F. Spread each paneer popcorn on a greased tray and bake for 10 minutes. Spray or coat with some oil and bake again for 5-1 minutes until crispy.