Mango Ice Cream Recipe

Mango Ice Cream

Mango Ice Cream

I love mango ice cream! This is one of those easy non fuss ice creams which is super easy to make with minimum ingredients and maximum taste.

This recipe is made without an ice cream maker! All you need is ripe, sweet mangoes, condensed milk, and cream to make this homemade treat! This ice cream is creamy, scoopable and indulgent.

My inspiration for this ice cream came from my many visits to ‘Natural Ice cream parlour’ in India. They are the leading speciality ice cream parlours in India and take seasonal fruit and turn it into an ice cream. Plus, they contain no artificial flavours, preservatives or stabilisers, only fresh fruit pulp or dry fruits. I remember going to Naturals every time I visited my family in Ahmedabad and the most popular flavours were ‘tender coconut’, ‘sitafel’ (custard apple) and ‘alphonso mango’. 

My all-time favourite is Alphonso mango! As the fruit is only in season for a short time, the ice cream is only available for a month if that. I have not been able to find any ice cream that comes close to it. Hence, I did lots of research and after lots of failures and grainy ice creams, I have finally found the perfect recipe that works resulting in a creamy yummy ice cream. I would recommend using the most flavour-some ripe mangoes that you can find in season. I find Asian mangoes are the best choice for the ice cream as they are fragrant and deliciously sweet with little fibre. The other two simple ingredients are condensed milk and double cream. Whipping the cream aerates the mixture and the condensed milk gives the ice cream its creamy texture.

This ice cream is a riot on the taste buds. Super easy to make and simply delicious!

I love using mango in different recipes especially when it is in season. Some of my other favourite Mango recipes are Mango Lassi, Mango Paleta, Stir Fried Prawns with Mango, Mango Panna Cotta, Eggless Mango Mousse, and No Bake Mango Cheesecake to name a few.


1 cup double cream
1 cup mango puree (preferably Alphonso)
½ cup condensed milk
½ lime juice
½ teaspoon cardamom powder (elaichi)
2 mangoes chopped into small pieces (optional)
Few strands of saffron (optional)



Dice the flesh of the mangoes. Puree using a blender, food processor or stick blender then measure out 1 cup of mango puree.


Whisk the cream with a handheld beater or a whisker until soft peak.


Combine condensed milk, mango puree,  cardamom powder, lime juice and mango pieces gently with the whisked cream.  If you are adding saffron then gently fold it in too.


Pour into a container preferably with a lid and freeze for 5-6 hours. Leave the ice cream to stand for 5 minutes before scooping. Ice cream is ready!

Tips & Variations

1. The most important thing in this recipe is to use ripe juicy mangoes with a strong mango flavour. The best mangoes to use for this recipe are Alphonso, kesar or honey mango.
2. If fresh mangoes are not available, you can also use mango puree. Most supermarkets sell mango puree in tins in the Asian section.
3. You can also add some food colour to the ice cream if you wish. I quite like the use of saffron for colour and taste hence I do not use food colouring.
4. If you want, you can concentrate the mango flavours by heating the mango puree for 5-6 minutes on medium heat. I find it does not make a huge difference to the taste so never bother with it.
5. If the ice cream is frozen for 12 – 18 hours, the ice cream only needs a couple of minutes to soften before being easy to scoop and serve. After that, the ice cream becomes harder and will need around 5 minutes.
6. Adjust the sweetness according to your taste and the variety of mango that you have used. Some mangoes are sweeter than the others hence you will have to taste the mix before freezing. To sweeten it I would suggest using some honey.
7. Make sure to only whisk the cream to soft peak as at that point its easier to fold in the other ingredients. If the cream is over whisked it can very quickly either split or you will get lumps of cream in the ice cream.
8. The cream must be cold when you start, or it will not whip correctly. I always put the cream in the freezer for 15-20 minutes before whisking and it helps in quick smooth whisking.
9. Glass or metal bowls are preferred when whipping cream. Copper bowls and plastic bowls can create problem with the chemical reaction.
10. Chill the bowl you’ll use for whipping and the whisk or beater, as well and that helps in easy whisking.
11. To check if the cream has reached soft peak is if you swirl it with a spoon it will gently hold the shape.
12. I would suggest using the best quality double cream for the recipe. Double cream is easier to whip and holds its whipped form better thereby making the ice cream lighter and smoother in texture.
13. If you are using one of those big chest drawer freezers, I would suggest using a parchment paper over the ice cream’s surface before freezing to prevent contact with air and crystals forming.
14. You can garnish your ice cream with chopped fresh mango and mint before serving.

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