Raspberry Mojito Recipe

Raspberry Mojito

Raspberry Mojito

Raspberry Mojito is a refreshing cocktail with fruity vibrant raspberries with a splash of mint.

I love mojitos of every flavour! Just a sip of this refreshing drink has an ability to transport your ‘happy place’ or your most memorable holiday! Given that its name derives from ‘mojo’ an African word meaning to ‘cast a spell’ – there is definitely something magical about drinking Mojito.

I often judge a bartender’s skill by their Mojito making skills. Too much or less ice, too much lime, not enough sugar, too much muddling- you get the gist! This spin on the ‘Classic Mojito’ is refreshing, fruity, sweet and minty at the same time. A perfect harmony of all the ingredients is what makes a good Mojito!

I follow a simple rule of 1:1:2 ratio – Lime: sugar: rum and one can’t go wrong! Like any popular cocktail/mocktail or drink, Mojito has endless variations. This Raspberry Mojito has fresh raspberries muddled with other mojito ingredients. My husband is not very keen on any type of berries, but he would happily drink a Raspberry Mojito any time!

Other drinks you might like to try are Mango Mojito, Phalsa Juice, Blueberry Mojito, Mango Lassi and Aam Panna to name a few.


7-8 mint leaves
25 ml sugar syrup
25 ml lime juice
¼ cup fresh raspberries
50ml rum
4-5 ice cubes

To Serve
3-4 raspberry
Soda/lemonade to top up



In a cocktail shaker muddle together mint leaves, lime juice, sugar syrup and raspberries.


Add rum, and 3-4 cubes of ice and shake all the ingredients.

Strain the drink into glass filled with ice and 3-4 raspberries. Top off the glass with soda/lemonade.

Tips & Variations

  1. The mint adds a delicious smell to this drink. To release the aromatic oil from the leaves they need to be gently muddled. If you are worried about making the drink bitter, then place the leaves in your hand and press them together to release the oils.
  2. You do not need to be gentle while muddling raspberries. Just muddle/mash the raspberries quite firmly until they are all mashed up to release all the flavours.
  3. I sometimes add a pinch of salt to balance the flavours. It elevates the complexity of the flavours.
  4. There are different varieties of mint available in the market and the type of mint makes a huge difference to the mojito. I prefer spearmint or any other mild variety of mint.
  5. While rum is the best option for this drink, if you are all out you can substitute the rum with vodka or gin.
  6. I prefer making this drink individually instead of big pitchers as you can tailor make it according to your taste.