Sukhdi Recipe



Sukhdi is a traditional Indian sweet from Gujarat. It is made with a simple combination of jaggery, ghee, and whole wheat flour. In Maharashtra, this sweet is known as ‘gur papdi’ or ‘gol papdi’.

‘Sukh’ means ‘happiness’ in Sanskrit, and various dialects spoken in India such as Hindi, Sindhi and Punjabi, Gujarati and so on. This recipe personifies contentment and happiness in each bite. Sukhdi tastes a lot like fudge and is prepared with only 3 ingredients- jaggery, whole wheat flour, and desi ghee.

Sukhdi has origins from one of the oldest Jain Temples in Gujarat called ‘Mahudi’. Sukhdi is prepared in the temple premises and offered as prasad (offering to God). Sukhdi or gur papdi recipe is quite popular during winter months or festivals such as Diwali, Holi or Ganesh Chaturthi.

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¾ cup ghee
1 cup wheat flour
½ cup crushed jaggery



Heat ghee in a pan and add the wheat flour and roast the flour on low heat for around 10-15 minutes. Stir continuously while roasting the flour so that there is even roasting and browning. Once roasted the flour begins to turn slightly golden, releases a nutty aroma and the ghee begins to leave the sides.
When the flour turns golden in colour, turn off the heat and keep the mixture aside.


Next, add the jaggery and mix so that the jaggery is mixed thoroughly in the flour-ghee mixture. In hot flour mixture the jaggery melt itself. This step is very important, this will avoid the atta from being overcooked.


Grease a tray, thali or baking pan with melted ghee or oil. Pour the prepared mixture into the tray or thali and spread evenly using a spatula. Let it cool for 5-6 minutes. While it is still warm, slice into the desired shape and size.

Tips & Variations

  1. Always keep the wheat flour on low heat while adding it to the ghee and also while roasting.
  2. The most crucial step to keep in mind while making this recipe is to make sure the atta is roasted properly. It will take time and patience. Do not rush this step as this is what will give the nutty flavour to the recipe.
  3. The roasting time will vary with the material, size and thickness of the pan.
  4. Always add jaggery after turning off the heat.
  5. You can add some cardamom powder, cinnamon powder or nutmeg powder for flavouring.
  6. You can also add some finely chopped cashew nuts, almonds or even desiccated coconut for flavouring.
  7. Usually, Sukhdi is set in a tray, then cut into square or diamond shape or can be served warm in a bowl too, which can be scooped.
  8. Don’t skimp on ghee, less ghee means the texture of the sukhdi will be hard and not soft as meant to be.
  9. You must turn off the heat as soon as flour is roasted or before adding jaggery. Also, you can let the roasted atta sit for about a minute before adding the jaggery. The heat that remained in the flour is enough to melt the jaggery. If you leave the heat on, jaggery will melt quickly and starts to boil, it gets to a syrup stage making Sukhdi hard and crumbly instead of soft.