Ruchika Aggarwal

I am a teacher by profession and a thorough foodie. Living in the UK, I often miss the home made Indian food from my childhood. I am always on the phone discussing recipes with my family and trialling them at home. When I say Indian Food I mean, whole array of food from different regions of India. I am specifying it here as when I speak to friends, colleagues in the UK – Indian food is limited to ‘Curries’! By default, most Indian recipes here have onion, garlic and ginger. Yes, we do use a lot of onion, ginger and garlic but not always and not in all the dishes!

I am always experimenting and learning new techniques, skill and local knowledge on my travels. My cooking is ‘everyday indulgent food’! I strongly believe that we should be feasting on healthy food everyday (responsibly) of our lives without spending hours in the kitchen. Hence, my recipes are as I cook at home with my spice box with everyday grocery. Nothing fancy but delicious tasty food from around the world with maybe an Indian ‘Tadka’!