Bhavana Agarwal

I am a trained Dietician and I have a genuine interest in health benefits of food.

Living in a big family we have 3-4 meals a day which makes it vital that the food has to be healthy, quick and delicious. Everyone at home is a vegetarian, hence I cook vegetarian eggless food and I do not use processed or readymade canned stuff.

My friends often ask me as to where do I get inspiration for my cooking. My inspiration comes from just about everything. My husband is the biggest foodie of us all and he has a real passion for cooking. He cooks for everyone with lots of love and is continuously inspiring, innovating and creating new scrumptious dishes. Lots of my recipes and stories are linked to the food we have eaten on the street or at restaurants especially at new places while we are travelling with family and friends. If I discover a new dish I attempt to recreate it at home by adding my own personal touch with an inspiring story behind it.